Helping you maximise customer value and profitability

With growing consumer mistrust of the energy industry and government pressure for consumers to switch, it’s a real challenge to maintain customer loyalty and protect market share.

TransUnion already builds customer databases for some leading utility companies and adds value to their customer strategies. We aim to help providers understand the drivers of customer profitability. A single view of a customer can enable to develop loyalty strategies and evaluate the potential value of each customer. DataDNA, our relationship key can identify returning customers so that you can reward loyalty and increase customer retention.

By gaining a single customer view you can also create the next best action for each customer and accurately predict churn and opportunities for cross sell.

Get ahead of the game

Within such a commoditised sector, we understand the importance of differentiating yourself from the competition. We are well placed to add insight to your customer data with our marketing leading consumer database.

Combined with a wide breadth of data variables and segmentations to enable tailored communications strategies and deliver the best offer for each customer.

Our tools and services will also help you manage and maintain customer relationships through social media channels; from monitoring, analysing and engaging with conversations through to delivering 'random acts of kindness' for your most loyal customers.

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