Home Move Alerts for Utilities

One of the key triggers for switching energy provider is moving home. With over 2.5 million households moving home in 2014* and over 520,000** homes on the market at any one time, this means the potential for churn and revenue loss is huge. But on the flipside, it also means that there's a great opportunity for new acquisition.

Callcredit's home move triggers cover every stage in the home moving cycle - including homes for sale, or rent - providing an accurate dataset giving thorough market coverage of movers. Not only does this dataset alert you to the risk of churn it also provides an opportunity for prospecting. Whether you use it within your customer retention or acquisition strategy, every trigger we provide could help you retain or recruit a valuable customer.

If you don't have the campaign infrastructure in place to respond quickly enough to the trigger, we can provide a managed service which includes holding a copy of the customer file, reporting a move and executing the whole customer retention or acquisition strategy seamlessly.

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