Get a head start in understanding new customers

We help utility providers to identify the value and risk new customers bring. Understanding new customers is key to customer service delivery, limiting risk exposure and ensuring you make smarter, more cost effective decisions throughout the customer journey.

ID and credit risk assessment

When a customer opens an account we can help you to make sure they are who they say they are. Our comprehensive range of ID and Verification tools can help you validate customers in real time so that there is no disruption to the customer journey.

Our data matching technology Residency Plus can generate highly accurate information on where an individual may live, and who they live with. This creates a residency map that can be used to establish tenancy and occupancy fraud which can help utility providers to trace people and collect debt and ultimately reduce your bottom line impact of residency fraud.

These ID and credit risk assessment tools can help you to mitigate bad debt risk at account set up and also identify high value customers early for targeted retention strategies. Credit risk assessment through TransUnion is accessed through our reciprocal SHARE credit bureau. CallReport and our Bureau Summary Block data can be accessed in various ways, whether via a simple API or more sophisticated decisioning software. The data and scorecards can be tailored to unique sectors (such as utilities).

Affordability assessment

TransUnion’s insight and solutions can help utility providers to tailor account set up to the individual’s need. We can flag whether you are dealing with a financially vulnerable household so that you can conduct the necessary affordability assessments and make responsible decisions. Our unique datasets allow utility companies to correctly identify and validate those customers and households in lowest levels of income and affordability, thus eligible for social tariffs and energy incentives.

Value assessment

We know the importance of identifying high value customers at an early stage for retention strategies and improving top line revenue. Our consumer classification system CAMEO can create bespoke models for utility companies to identify their high value customers and maximise ROI.

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