Real-time card and ID checks for e-commerce

We offer a unique verification suite designed specifically for retailers. Our solution enables you to reduce card-not-present fraud and charge-backs, increase operational efficiency, improve straight-through processing and ultimately enhance your customer experience. Quite simply, it's the most robust identity verification check in the UK market place.

Identify genuine customers first time

With our online verification suite you have complete control. We listen to your requirements and only activate the checks that add value for you - allowing you to strike the perfect balance between security and sales.

Who are your customers?fingerprint
ID check

  • Minimise the risk of fraud
  • Reduce manual order screening
  • Minimise rejection of genuine customers
  • Reliably confirm customer identity
  • Age verification for compliance

Is the customer the genuine cardholder?card
Card ownership check

  • Only supplier to use credit reference data to link customer to card
  • Link the payment card number to a customer's name and address
  • Confirm the card is active, not lost stolen, expired, cancelled
    Be alerted when another individual owns the card

Are there fraud trends in your orders?trend
Real-time fraud alerts

  • Identify suspicious repeat transactions with a stolen identity or card
  • Real-time alerts to potential fraud
  • Halt suspicious transactions immediately

Are you delivering to high risk addresses?
Delivery fraud checkstreet

  • Utilise TransUnion's knowledge of fraud hotspots
  • Identify the potential risk of fraud at postcode level
  • Highly predictive segmentation

Who are your overseas customers?
Electronically verify your international customersglobe

  • Available for 135 countries - the greatest coverage
    in the market
  • Built from the most comprehensive datasets from
    each individual country
  • Access via web, real-time API or batch processing

To find out more, contact us and one of our experts will be in contact shortly.