Retail Fraud Prevention and Customer Verification

Preventing e-commerce fraud without slowing down the acceptances for legitimate purchases can be a difficult balance to strike

If your verification process is overly cautious and time consuming you run the risk of deterring valuable customers. On the other hand, too little protection can leave you vulnerable to chargebacks.

Speed and accuracy are essential, and our award-winning online retail fraud solutions enable instant verification of your customer's identity and means of payment. We put the best data at your finger tips, so you can make real time decisions with confidence, protecting your bottom-line whilst improving the customer journey. The need for manual processing is reduced, while the customer experience and operational efficiency are enhanced, and you have the confidence to process higher value transactions in an instant.

CALLVALIDATE: The only solution to simultaneously validate customer ID whilst conducting a real-time check against card issuer details

What is Retail Fraud?

Retail Fraud costs the ecommerce industry millions of pounds every year. Especially here in the UK, both retailers and citizens can be the victims of internet crime. 

Don’t put your business at risk from fraudulent shoppers, make sure you shield your profits and prevent chargebacks by using TransUnion's customer verification solutions. 

TransUnion protects your online environment to make sure that you know the real identity of your customer base. We can verify your customer’s identity quickly and easily, no matter where they are in the world. 

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