Achieve industry standard security screening to BS7858 to ensure integrity on new and existing employee checks

In an environment where the security and safety of people, goods or property is concerned, good practice, trust and reputation are the key factors that help you secure new contracts. Security Screening BS7858:2012 is a perfect endorsement of this. If your business is trading at British Standard or to claim SIA Approved Contractor Status*, it is a requirement to perform adequate security screening and background checks on new and existing employees to ensure integrity.

The new standard necessitates a highly robust verification of identity and requires evidence to be kept on file as proof that security screening has been conducted. The requisite checks include:

  • Providing proof of identity
  • Checking staff against the financial sanctions list
  • Confirming residency for periods of residence abroad
  • Checking for a poor credit history or score (including CCJs, Bankruptcies, Insolvencies or IVAs)

A comprehensive depth of employee checks

Callcredit can help you comply with the requirements through a range of online employee checks, available anytime, across each of these areas:

Financial checks and probity screening services:

The British Standard recommends that a financial soundness check should be carried out before any offer of employment is made. In order to do these checks confidently and accurately, access is required to the most up-to-date information. As a registered credit reference agency, Callcredit are data custodians, providing direct access to the right data, rather than through a third party.

CallReport enables employers to run a financial soundness check on an individual which will not affect future applications for credit. It provides access to adverse public data in the form of County Court Judgments (CCJs), Bankruptcies (BAIs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs). It also provides 6 years of address history and address links which enable users to identify any bad debt at their previous addresses. Furthermore, to make financial risk assessment easier, a standard credit score and Gauge score is also included to help employers quickly identify staff who would be deemed to be high risk.

Identity and sanctions checks:

CallID enables users to validate the identity of individuals against a wide range of datasets, including the Electoral Roll - confirming name, address history and address links. It can also flag up individuals who are known to be deceased.

As part of the new standard it is vital that organisations check individuals do not appear on the HM Treasury Sanctions list. CallID can provide instant access to this data, easily highlighting where an individual has been matched to this list.

International check:

With levels of immigration on the rise, there may be applications for security work from individuals whose previous residence was outside the UK. CallValidate International can help you validate both their overseas address, and the passport that they present as ID evidence.

* The Security Industry Authority (SIA) requires organisations to work to BS7858 to achieve SIA Approved Contractor Status.

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