ThreeSixty Trace

Recovering more of your aged debt brings significant in-year cash benefits, that's why it's important to make the most of your debt before write-off.

Our trace engine accurately locates over 6 million people per month, with a mistrace rate of less than 1% and has helped our private sector clients collect billions of pounds they would otherwise have written off. 

Our trace data is of the highest quality because it is underpinned by the ResidencyPLUS dataset - put simply, the move-in and move-out dates for people at properties. 

As well as this, we corroborate the trace data using data such as credit active flags and mortgage counts, giving you the highest confidence in the traces we provide.


  • Move in dates are provided against new forwarding addresses, providing insight into recency and length of residency
  • ‘Living as stated’ flags returned if the individual has not moved
  • Credit data flags are returned against the latest address, providing the highest confidence in each trace
  • Name and date of birth traces are returned if found within 8 miles of the input address, and no other trace are available

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