ThreeSixty RBV

Introducing the benefits of automated Risk Based Verification

ThreeSixty RBV is a unique on-line Risk Based Verification service that enables Local Authorities to accurately detect fraud and error in benefit claims and on-going interventions, automatically and efficiently, without the need to manually review each case.

The service is accurate and fast, improving the customer journey by administering claims more quickly.


Proven Cost Savings 

ThreeSixty RBV helps meet tight funding targets by generating significant savings in both time and money, providing a rapid return on investment and a faster verification process for all new benefit applications.

The service reduces the cost of verifying low risk claims by up to 80% and improves times taken to verify new claims by up to 50%. Outgoing post is reduced by up to 75% and in coming post by up to 30%.

Enhanced Fraud and Error Detection

The software uses sophisticated modelling and analytics to assess each claim in seconds, returning a simple-to-use risk category with a Red, Amber, Green classification.

The service identifies up to 25%more fraud and error at the benefits claims stage than traditional process alone.

DWP Approved

ThreeSixty RBV (under the name Intercept Verify) is taken by over 60 Local Authorities and, uniquely, is approved by the Department of Work and Pensions who rigorously tested the service and benchmarked all results against manual review.

Simple Integration

ThreeSixty RBV is already integrated with all major e-form and back office systems, including those provided by Capita, Civica and Northgate and works seamlessly with existing claims processes.

There is no technical development work to be carried out to integrate the solution with back office benefits systems.

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