ThreeSixty Online

Stop more fraud. Collect more taxes. Reduce costs.

Using ThreeSixty Online you can verify citizen identities, trace debtors, assess personal financial circumstances and screen employees. Our solutions are drop-in replacements for existing legacy systems, with a modern look-and-feel. 

They provide data not available elsewhere, helping you to stop more fraud and collect more taxes.  And, at a time when budgets are under pressure, we offer a real opportunity to reduce costs.


  • Additional search types and data to prevent living together fraud and employee fraud
  • ResidencyPLUS technology shows move-in and move-out dates for everyone listed in the report
  • The Occupancy Dashboard shows all occupiers at a property, alongside their move-in and move-out dates and their relationship to the searched individual
  • Summary information shows change in circumstances over time
  • A modern interface with graphical presentation of data 

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