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Discover how we can help you prevent and detect more fraud with powerful data matching and sharing


The ThreeSixty Hub is a powerful investigative tool which has been designed alongside local authorities to maximise the prevention and detection of fraud in local government. It is now rapidly evolving to address fraud across other public sector organisations including housing associations. First released in 2013 to a group of 13 London Borough Councils, ThreeSixty Hub is growing into a scalable, national data and analytics driven solution.


From its inception ThreeSixty Hub was designed as a reliable mechanism for councils to match their own data from multiple back office systems to that held by other local authorities. This allowed matched individuals to then be returned to investigation teams to prevent cross boundary fraudulent activity.

Robust matching remains a prerequisite of for all hubs. ThreeSixty Hub uses TransUnion’s DataDNA which is a unique number allocated to each individual and property across our extensive name and address universe. This number allows us to match consistently and reliably regardless of any name, date of birth or address variations to deliver the highest quality matching possible.


The ThreeSixty Hub current data sets allow for the prevention and detection of fraud within:

  • Housing and Right to Buy
  • Council Tax Reduction Schemes
  • Blue Badge Awards
  • Parking Permits


Built on the flexible and scalable ThreeSixty Connections data management platform this dynamic solution will allow you to quickly expand your insight across multiple data sets through reciprocal sharing with other local authorities and housing associations. ThreeSixty Hub enables targeted investigations which dedicate resources to the highest risk in order to increase detection and safeguard revenues.

The user friendly platform presents well defined and focused recorded outcomes, with graph and timeline displays to enhance analysis. Easy to navigate search results with clear risk identification help the user to quickly decide the best course of action and system recorded updates make investigation tracking easy.

Key features:

  • Real-time individual searches
  • Automatic cross-matching to identify cross boundary fraud
  • Link to ThreeSixty Online with real time Credit Reference Agency (CRA) checks
  • The ability to capture outcome information for every search
  • Batch matching against CRA data to verify datasets


  • Drive savings by identifying new and historic frauds
  • Increase efficiency and automation by detecting  multiple frauds all in one place
  • Increase revenues through the recovery of properties, debt and fines
  • Target resources where they are needed most 

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