ThreeSixty Direct Debit Ready Tenants

The introduction of Universal Credit poses some real challenges to Local Government and Housing Associations.

For the first time in a generation, Housing Benefit will be paid to tenants rather than directly to landlords. The key to mitigating the risk that this money is misspent – for all parties – is to ask that the tenant sets up a Direct Debit with their landlord.

We can help you identify and communicate with your tenants most affected by this change, helping you to target your communications strategy efficiently and cost effectively.

Most tenants will be able to cope with the changes to the way Housing Benefit is paid. Some will struggle, and spend that money in other ways, finding themselves in arrears – ultimately with the threat of eviction – whilst denying the landlord crucial income. Once that money is spent it will be very difficult to collect.


  • Uses our market-leading ThreeSixty CAMEO profiling service to help you turn insight into strategy
  • Establishes financial literacy and sophistication at a household level to help you communicate appropriately
  • Simple three level classification enables problem cases to be identified and prioritised
  • Flagged against a name and address file
  • Links directly with our channel preference and contact details service, enabling you to drive an effective communications strategy

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