Validate Single Person discount (SPD) eligibility regularly

As income from Central Government grants and subsidies decrease, there is a huge focus on better management of council tax revenue by reducing fraud and error and improving the inefficient manual batch processes. Validating Single Person Discount (SPD) eligibility regularly helps to reduce the risk of fraud and error, and maximise revenue.

It is estimated that around 80,000 residential properties are wrongly awarded the 25% Single Person Discount. With an average council tax value of £1,141 in England this puts the value of incorrectness at around £23 million.*

ThreeSixty Connections Revenues works to regularly check all your current SPD awards against TransUnion’s household composition data, ensuring your citizens aren’t over, or underpaying their Council Tax.

Any changes to this data will be flagged directly to you through the system to help you manage, monitor and maximise revenues.

Benefits of regularly checking SPD eligibility:

  • Increase revenue - The solution helps to reduce the loss of revenue caused by fraud and error by processing records 12 times a year rather than as a one off yearly task
  • Regular and accurate monitoring – Alerting you to potential fraud and error quickly and more frequently
  • More accurate results - Records are regularly checked against TransUnion’s data to ensure more accurate results and action can be taken more quickly
  • Reduce resource - SPD records are automatically processed 12 times a year and the solution easily integrates into your current IT systems, making it simple and reduces IT resource requirement
  • Easy to monitor - Reduces the time it takes to process and score a SPD file from weeks to hours

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*Source - TransUnion research