ThreeSixty Connections

Maximise income and stop more fraud across your organisation using TransUnion's new ThreeSixty Connections Platform

Resources are both scarce and expensive. Targeting resources effectively and efficiently at the right segments is crucial in the modern public sector environment to both minimise operating costs and maximise returns. The ThreeSixty Connections data management and analytics platform will provide users with in-depth insight through modules focusing on specific areas of local government and social housing administration including, revenues, and benefits, corporate debt, business rates and fraud. It gives you the power to turn data into actionable intelligence.

You don't need costly data analysts to access the business intelligence locked up in your data. Whether you're reviewing your single person discounts, consolidating debtor records or performing a tenancy audit, the user friendly functions are quick and easy to use.

Each module focuses on specific areas of local government administration and delivers real business and financial benefits.

Connections Revenues module:

Reduce the risk of fraud and error of Single Person Discounts by checking your current awards against TransUnion’s household composition data. This module enables you to validate SPD eligibility regularly and more accurately and maximise revenues. Find out more information about the ThreeSixty Connections Revenues module.

Corporate Debt module:

Collection is king. Knowing exactly what a single customer owes across multiple departments is incredibly helpful when making enforcement decisions. Combining this with collectability and traceability information makes a formidable recovery tool.

Housing module:

Unlock the power of your data by combining your own tenant data, socio-demographic data and welfare reform impact data to understand your tenants' circumstances, their needs, associated risk and the social factors effecting them.

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