Third Sector Solutions

Counter Fraud Solutions

Experts in counter fraud, our solutions for the third sector draw upon our track record of delivering counter fraud solutions for the private and public sectors.

Our cost effective solutions help organisations put in place rigorous defences to both detect and prevent fraud, identifying both new and historic fraudulent activity. This helps organisations not only save significant sums of money, but also protects them against the reputational risks associated with fraud.

Fundraising and Targeted Campaigns

By unlocking the insight data provides, third sector organisations can better target their fundraising efforts and tailor communications to get their message out to society.

TransUnion’s wealth of data provides an unrivalled level of insight, enabling third sector organisations to examine a demographic, behavioural and attitudinal breakdown of its supporters and potential supporters.

This means better interactions with supporters and more successful fundraising campaigns.

Financial Education

UsingTransUnion’s consumer credit report, third sector organisations are able to educate their users about their credit history and empower them to take more control over their spending and borrowing.

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