Local Authorities tackle a range of revenue fraud and error issues that is costing them an estimated £2.2 billion a year (National Fraud Authority 2013). In addition, the Central Government grant to councils is being cut by £7.6 billion between 2011 and 2015, this is a significant 14% decrease. Those authorities with a fraud strategy in place produce results; 85% with a strategy and / or dedicated team found fraud compared to 19% for those without.

Our Consulting specialises in the provision of advisory and implementation support, focused on organisation performance management, improvement and service transformation. Based on extensive implementation experience with clients from across the public sector, we provide a range of services in establishing an Outcome Focused Performance Management process that informs effective decision making and in the realisation of genuine efficiencies whilst delivering improvement.

“We've just had training from TransUnion. Rarely have I seen a group so engaged with training over a period of time and, more importantly, enthused to want to put it in to practice. The style was easy going but very effective. The methodology is work based, jargon free and immediately applicable to our roles within the public sector. I have to say that was probably some of the best training I've received for some time.” Phil Shreeve, Norwich City Council

Our comprehensive suite of consumer classification systems, which includes the CAMEO family of segmentations, helps you carry out detailed customer analysis and customer segmentation enabling you to group your customers and markets into segments of like-minded consumers. So, whether you're managing customer relationships, searching for prospects or conducting market analysis to support key investment or divestment opportunities, our segmentation tools are for you.


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