Intercept Trace

Intercept Trace allows local authorities to access Housing Benefit data to verify current information against previously reported details, providing strong safeguards against potential fraud and error entering the system. If claimants have left a local authority with an outstanding debt, Intercept Trace can identify where they are now claiming, presenting an opportunity to be able to increase recovery rates.

How it works

Intercept Trace allows local authorities to access collaborative data for fraud and error purposes, providing current and historical in-depth claimant level information. Data can be shared on demand securely over Government Connect.

Intercept Trace enables local authorities to verify claim details against previous claims made at other local authorities, trace debt absconders across local authority boundaries and empower investigators with instant access to cross local authority fraud and error intelligence.


Effective data sharing can help to address fraud and error in several key areas:

Duplicate claims in two or more local authority areas
Whether through deliberate fraud, claimant or local authority error, there are many instances of claims being paid in more than one Local Authority area. HBMS matching could, in time, identify these claims but not until substantial overpayments have arisen.

Overlapping entitlement periods in different Local Authority areas
Problems with tenancy dates and moving logistics may result in overlapping claims and benefit on two homes may not be properly considered cross Local Authority boundary. Searching the TransUnion claimant register at point of entry of the new claim prevents the error occurring from the outset and rapid and frequent scheduled data matching routines would help minimise overpayments of those that do get through.

Inconsistancies in claim history
As part of the normal assessment process claim history is examined to determine if inconsistencies might highlight possible fraud or error. Moving cross LA boundary presents an opportunity to commit fraud but as history from other Local Authorities is not available to the assessor this goes unchecked. TransUnion's Intercept trace solution provides visibility of full claim details for previous claims at other Local Authorities completing the picture and discrepancies can be properly checked and verified without the need contact the previous LA.

Debtor tracing
Being able trace debtors outside of the Local Authority area cheaply and effectively will improve recovery rates.

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