Intercept React

Building on the proven success of Risk Based Verification (RBV) in Housing and Council Tax Benefit, TransUnion in collaboration with the IRRV can now offer RBV for Revenues.

The Intercept REACT solution brings the proven principles of risk analysis and targeted verification to the administration of Council Tax. Combining the power of a secure cloud database solution, sophisticated analytics and data matching from multiple sources, the modular system has multiple business benefits helping Local Authorities to maximise income streams and deliver efficiencies and insight. Harnessing the power of data and business intelligence will both protect the tax base and increase income to the authority and preceptors.

Discounts and Exemptions

Data files from other local authority departments are simply uploaded, matched and combined with Council Tax information and undisclosed occupants are automatically reported. Data volumes and frequency determined by you.

The single person discount review service assigns a risk score to all existing accounts with a discount, evaluating the likelihood of a change to the tax payer’s circumstances. Regular scheduled files of cases are automatically created from both your stock of existing discounts and from new applications. They are then prioritised by risk, and automatically validated. Results delivered back to the Local Authority will undergo further analysis to optimise accuracy, empowering the officer to take action with confidence.

Intercept React is a simpler alternative to bulk reviews and more cost effective alternative to a managed service. It allows you to stay in control of all your discounts and exemptions and use not only CRA data, but data from throughout your local authority as well.

New Homes Bonus

The new homes bonus software identifies any accounts which are likely to be eligible. A scheduled file of cases is automatically created and checked for a credit footprint within the property.

All results will be delivered back to the Local Authority showing details of credit information, empowering the officer to investigate with confidence and establish residency.

How it works:

Step 1    React identifies empty properties in Revenues data
Step 2    React creates a scheduled file of cases and sends directly to asses
Step 3    Tailored searches report financial activity and return results
Step 4    The revenues department can investigate and establish residency

Gone Aways

Intercept React can simply and automatically match gone aways and provide a forwarding address. The gone away tracer facility identifies a match for any gone away debt. A scheduled file of cases is automatically created to look for matches at other addresses. Results will show the new address they have been traced to, the likelihood of them residing there and the collectability of any debt. This automated process replaces the often laborious individual manual search performed now and will enable swifter more efficient collection.

Single Debt Views

Intercept React can simply and automatically bring together information from departments throughout the council to give a complete picture of an individual’s debt. The single view of debt functionality combines data from various departments within the local authority to show a complete picture of debt owed by an individual to the council. Regular data feeds from other data sources will be matched and combined with council tax data to provide the total amount owed. Results will show a comprehensive debt profile so individuals can be set one manageable payment plan for all of their arrears, meaning a single department can gain owed revenue in a more focussed, efficient and economical manner.

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