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Organisations spend a huge amount of time gathering evidence, information and data in-order to empower management and board members to make informed strategic, financial and resource business decisions. With our experience of working across Housing and Welfare Benefits, we are ideally placed to support organisations to analyse and determine the potential financial and operational risks associated with Universal Credit.

"With the challenges imposed of universal credit pending it is essential for us to easily identify our affected tenants and where to target resources most effectively. TransUnion’s analytics enable that critical measurement and understanding of the operational and cost implications for the organisation."

Stage 1

During the Data Discovery phase, TransUnion will help to establish the organisation's key requirements and the broad questions that they would like answered - i.e likely impact of benefit changes to your rent account, payment processing and resources, extent of under-occupancy etc.  These questions do not need to be restricted exclusively to Welfare Reform but may address other areas of tenant insight.

Using the information available from the Housing organisation, data accessed by TransUnion from the benefit income and the most recent ONS data, TransUnion can drill down from Group to the lowest aggregated geographical levels (From Output Area to the Housing Organisation's estate to block to postcode).

Stage 2

Using the results from the data discovery stage, TransUnion can present tenant insight information on the interactive and online Risk and Data Analytics Reporting solution (RADAR). This tenant insight will show stock areas in relation to the Welfare Reform changes and specifically household under-occupancy and the benefit cap.

Demographic Profiling

In addition to specific Welfare Form insight, TransUnion can profile tenant and ONS data to give a picture of the demographic make-up of stock areas. This will help identify demographic trends and patterns, such as changes in the levels of deprivation and population segments so that early preventive actions can be taken to target those areas that require the most attention.

RADAR Software

An intuitive web-based solution that has anytime, anywhere cloud access and requires no software or hardware installation. The solution is fully flexible, portable and analysis can be viewed or downloaded in a wide range of formats. The solution is user friendly and can be easily used without having the IT or GIS Mapping skills required for a complex reporting system. Simple, effective reports can be downloaded in seconds, and are fully configurable so that just the critical business intelligence required is displayed.

Predictive Risk Modelling

TransUnion is also able to offer predictive risk modelling for a number of areas of the business to enable resources to be targeted and proactive action taken.

Research studies have shown that the cost of corrective action against a negative outcome is far greater than investing in preventing a negative outcome occurring in the first instance. For Housing, this could mean:

  • Cost of recovering arrears vs. Cost of targeting help for those tenants most likely to struggle with debt (grossly impacted by the governments proposal for direct payments)
  • Cost of tracing absconders vs. Cost of targeting those tenants most likely to abscond
  • Cost of repairs vs. Cost of targeting those tenants most likely to damage property, require frequent repairs
  • Cost of recovering rent from a tenant that has fraudulently been claiming benefit vs. the costs of identifying likely fraud from the outset. 

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