Intercept Bridge


A hosted data validation, cleansing and transmission tool providing quality control of SHBE data and enabling interrogation and analysis of detailed base operational data. Departments can derive performance information and drill down into individual records. DWP and local indicators are reported accurately and it delivers the HB balanced scorecard, with facilities for analysis of data to identify exceptions, trends and future costs.

Bridge Plus

This provides all the features of Intercept Bridge together with dashboards, graphs and charts, enabling more efficient and effective decision making by managers.  Pre-defined dashboards are provided for DWP indicators, overpayments, claims processing, client/tenure type, appeals and fraud and error. Dashboards can also be configured for locally defined KPIs and value for money indicators.

"I think this is a brilliant idea of having a performance tool that everyone can use and benchmark against each other. All the personnel at TransUnion have come from a relevant background and are extremely knowledgeable about what is important for managers in the benefits field in terms of monitoring and improving performance. TransUnion have continued to improve this product since the pilot started"


A workflow system which provides an intuitive and detailed analysis of the efficiency of each step in the end to end New Claim process, underpinning Lean and Systems Thinking approaches to removing inefficiencies. The system combines automatically generated performance information from the SHBE with information input through intuitive data entry screens, to capture a full and reliable data set on which to base diagnostics. It provides a comprehensive set of dashboards and tabular analyses.