Orbit South was able to save around £1 million through a combination of detected fraud, collected arrears and recovered properties. 

Through the implementation of ThreeSixty Tenant View and ThreeSixty Online, Orbit began monitoring existing tenants for change of circumstance, flagging new applications by risk, and prioritising investigation caseloads.

“Prior to working with TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) we didn’t have a solution in place to tackle tenancy fraud.  Now we are able to not only help prevent fraud taking place at application, we can review existing properties we manage.  This capability has provided significant savings to Orbit, not just financially through recouping costs but through saving time and implementing a more strategic approach to dealing with cases. It has also enabled us to ensure that the properties we manage are let to those with a genuine need for social housing.” 
Tenancy Fraud Officer, Orbit South

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Southwark Council recovered 81 properties and blocked 2 Right to Buy applications due to tenancy fraud identification using ThreeSixty Online and ThreeSixty Tenant View.

"Callcredit has assisted us in our fight against sub-letting, with a shift to an intelligence approach we have been able to increase the anti and recover more properties than in previous years.  This allows us to provide housing to those with a genuine need." Head of Anti-Fraud and Internal Audit, London Borough of Southwark Council

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Northampton Borough Council was able to recover 15 social homes that were subject to tenancy fraud using ThreeSixty Tenant View, each property worth on average £150,000.

As part of one-week pilot exercise, 1 out of 6 applications were identified as fraudulent using ThreeSixty Online.

"Callcredit has provided invaluable support to our clamping down on tenancy fraud initiative.  At a time when we are trying to do more to ensure our housing stock is there to support those who need it most, someone could be trying to make a profit through unlawful subletting of one of our properties or allowing friends or family to dishonestly jump the housing queue by passing them the keys to their social home and then choosing to live elsewhere. Callcredit's solutions have been central to our new initiative and have been a major part in the huge success achieved. The 15 homes identified through ThreeSixty Tenant View have now been provided to families avoiding the need to stay in temporary accommodation while we found them somewhere to live." Intervention Team Leader, Northampton Borough Council

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