ID Assurance

Verify identity, maintain accurate communications and confidently target resources

Knowing an individual is who they say they are is imperative to the accurate distribution of precious resources. Our excellence in data-matching means we hold the ability to de-duplicate, clean and maintain multiple datasets, driving efficiencies in allocation, analysis, segmenting, communication and collecting debts.

CallValidate is a single tool that enables real-time validation of names, addresses, date of birth, and bank and credit card provider checks. Used at the point of application or within an investigation, the solution checks if a name and address appears and how many times, providing confidence that the identity is valid.

DataDNA is our Single Customer View solution, providing an individual and unique number for each individual and each home in the UK, as well as providing personal level data attributes such as personal insolvencies and debt relief orders. This comprehensive view provides an entirely new dimension of insight and can inform benefit allocation, tax assessment, identity assurance and fraud detection.

“Callcredit fully understood our specific online authentication needs and provided a solution which has increased our Redirection application pass rate with no negative impact on fraud.   This has successfully been expanded with additional knowledge based authentication to further drive volume and revenue.”  Penny Wilbourne, Head of Redirection Products and Operations at Royal Mail

Click here to read the full Royal Mail case study. 

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