Fraud & Error

Reduce fraud & error and target resources where they are needed most

With resources scarce it is crucial that they are targeted accurately and efficiently across the board. Actively tackling fraud and error is one of the proven ways misspent revenues can be minimised, whether this is by checking for ID fraud at the point of application, regulating benefit under and over payment, or monitoring for change of circumstance.

Our ThreeSixty solutions suite contains a series of online, real-time investigation tools to prevent, detect, monitor, and strategically investigate fraudulent activity. The ability to categorise fraudulent risk means that insightful, risk-based enforcement decisions can be made, and caseloads are managed efficiently.

Data is refreshed and kept up to date, meaning thorough, consistent measures can be securely put in place. This promotes not only short term detection, but long term prevention and future outcomes, allowing Government to utilize resources to best effect.

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