Central Government

Now more than ever Central Government departments and agencies are being asked to respond to a radical change agenda. We are committed to helping Government to strive to achieve this agenda by helping to reduce fraud and minimise error, ensuring that scarce resources can be allocated fairly, and improving processing efficiencies across departments.

We are experts in consumer information and insight and we believe that the old distinctions between the public and private sectors are no longer relevant. Consumers operate in one economy and it's incumbent on public and private sector clients to make the most of all available consumer information and insight. That's why we work in strong partnership with all of our Public Sector clients to deliver you a comprehensive return on investment.

Our intelligent solutions can help with:

  • Fraud & Error - Online, real-time investigation tools to prevent, detect, monitor, and strategically investigate fraudulent activity
  • Big Data - Providing you with robust, powerful data so you can gain a deeper understanding of your citizens
  • ID Assurance - helping you to accurately identify and trace individuals so you can maintain appropriate communications and confidently target resources
  • Partners

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