TransUnion Public Sector is an innovator, but not because of our great technology, which for us is a means to an end. Where we aim to excel is in understanding the combination of business and technology, to find new and innovative solutions to tough business issues.

We have scored a number of firsts in different sectors and diverse areas, including:

  • Risk Based Verification, the first risk-based approach to welfare benefits and revenue collection, a concept now adopted as the default by DWP
  • Ffynnon, the first collaborative national performance management system, which spans the Welsh Public Sector and continues to grow
  • DWP’s National Performance Management Framework, the first public sector nationwide Software as a Service solution, which engaged over 300 organisations inside 12 months
  • Introducing the Results Based Accountability concept to Welsh Government, now adopted as a standard for business planning across Wales
  • Enabling major Housing Provider Orbit Group to build an organisation-wide data warehouse & business intelligence solution in the cloud, in months not years

Together with our customers we have won multiple awards for the use of technology & data to change the way people work and deliver measurable business benefit.


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