Prepaid cards

Boost your business through cost effective customer acquisition processes and implementing smart anti-fraud and AML regulation controls.

We understand that you need to verify your customers swiftly and enable them instant use of your product. We appreciate that the easier and more user-friendly service you can provide will help you to increase customer loyalty.

We understand KYC and AML compliance. With company prepaid cards, we can help companies working within a SEPA framework to ensure all the necessary processes in place. This includes:

  • Identifying the source from which funds are transferred. Our card enhanced checks identify when an attempt to load funds from a stolen credit/debit card occurs, enabling you to stop the transaction immediately. 

  • Help in ensuring that you are transferring funds to the right individual or bank account upon close of account. Our unique bank check links the bank account details directly to an individual.

Our solutions are cost effective, smart, fast and intuitive. We can help both issuers and programme managers to meet KYC compliance either online, via API or in regular batch files.

We've already helped five prepaid card providers to verify new customers and meet regulatory requirements. 

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