Payment Processors

We can secure the point of transaction giving instant confidence to payment scheme participants.

Accept payments swiftly and safely using our International Payment Processing verification and validation tools designed to support your acquisition process.

In order to continue to develop convenience and security for consumers the payments value chain must be robust, manage threats such as fraud and be simple to access for merchants. Without using International Payment Processing, vital transaction entry point for the payments industry cannot grow its footprint of retailers, small businesses, sole traders and others doing business in e-commerce, m-commerce or face to face.

TranUnion appreciate the real-time, technology driven demands of this industry which is why all our products are designed to help you make smart, informed decisions in an instant.

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Generate increased revenue, Increase ATV and increase basket value with our fraud management tools, techniques and tactics.

The payments value chain involves many different entities providing a variety of services, for example network services, intermediary services, PSPs and processing services. The key link of this chain is the relationship with the merchant. The rest of the chain rely and trust that this relationship is strong and robust in terms of security and compliance.

TransUnion are experts in fraud risk management in the Payment Processing Market. We already work with banks, building societies, credit card providers, online retailers and insurance companies to eliminate the risk of fraud to their business. We can help you to reduce costs and create operational efficiencies while continuing to manage margin through fraud prevention tactics.

TransUnion have built a reputation for delivering insight that enables smarter decisions. The key to our success has been working with great partners that have a particular complimentary capability or market presence. 

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Intelligent Payments delivers advanced payment integration services to eCommerce/Multi-Channel merchants and Banks. We simplify the complexity of international payment processing, whilst adding new payment channels and services.

Intelligent Payments provides the most comprehensive payment gateways available today. The platform has been built using the most advanced components available in order to deliver industry leading services. Our business is entirely focused on meeting the evolving payment and business needs of our clients. 

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