Mobile Wallets & E-Money

Protect your businesses finances with online solutions from TransUnion by enabling instant verification of your customer's identity, as well as their registered bank account or card. We put the best data at your fingertips, so you can make real time decisions with your mobile wallet, ensuring that you only attract genuine customers to use your product.

Guard your business from fraud or criminal activity.
Our solution is a unique product in the marketplace, the only software to simultaneously validate customer ID whilst conducting a real-time check against card issuer details. By linking identity to bank and payment details, you can be confident in who your customers are and reduce the risk of fraud to your business. 

Meet AML and legislative compliance.
Our online verification solution CallValidate helps to ensure you are AML compliant. Using this solution to verify the identity of all of your new registrations and card/bank details you can be assured that your business robustly follows regulations and that your e-money is protected.

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