Identity verification, bank account validation and complete AML checks

Know Your Customer is becoming increasingly important. With TranUnion you can be sure that you have the most robust and reliable protection in place. You can identify more customers first time without the need for manual intervention using our real-time online check against our UK credit bureau data and other positive data sources.

Fraud management

We verify the individual, the bank account, the device and the address. By verifying all of these details and cross checking them we can raise multiple fraud warnings within seconds. We can do this for business accounts, sole traders, partnerships and personal accounts giving you complete confidence in who you are dealing with.

Our solution is configurable to your needs and requirements.

Our bank solutions provide increasing levels of verification of settlement account bank details. Simply confirm a bank account is valid or prove it belongs to a name and address. We can also reveal the true owner’s identity if it is not the name and address supplied. We can also uniquely return matches on ‘non-consented’ bank accounts.  

Multiple applications in a small time frame where different identities or addresses have been given can be a strong indicator of fraud, we will flag these to you. We will also provide mismatch warnings if inconsistent details are presented compared to previous searches.

Taking it one step further, we also provide instant and accurate identification of each device accessing your network. We can detect any inconsistencies in registration details and flag potential fraud risks instantly.

On-going assessment of suitability and credit risk

By monitoring events such as missed payments, new County Court Judgments (CCJs), new accounts, insolvencies and self-cure notices we can alert you to any significant change in your customers circumstances. These real-time warnings will enable you to immediately halt transactions, freeze accounts, alter settlement periods and put procedures in place to protect your business and your customers.

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GoCardless has integrated TransUnion Information Group’s CallValidate solution in order to enhance their anti-money laundering strategy.

As a technology company, we know the value of working with a simple, robust API. Integrating with CallValidate has been straightforward and the results returned are easy to process. It’s fantastic to be working with a partner who thinks about technology in the same way as us.

Grey Baker, Head of Operations at GoCardless

Read the full GoCardless press release here.