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Effective solutions to support alternative finance strategies and goals.

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Use our powerful data identity, data fusion methodology and technology platforms to help drive responsible lending and protect vulnerable consumers

The explosion of digital platforms has seen consumers become confident in applying for and using credit from non-traditional lenders. We’ve worked with the sector as it has matured, and have over 120 clients in the alternative lending sector and are the primary credit reference agency for many of the top online lenders. Short-term, instalment and peer-to-peer lenders turn to us to help improve performance across the customer lifecycle. With a clear understanding of the challenges facing the sector, our consultants tailor solutions that create secure and successful customer experiences.

Alternative finance providers leverage our comprehensive consumer view, lending performance data and technology to more accurately understand affordability — driving better-informed lending decisions. Many of the alternative lenders we work with use our daily updated CallReport data to make enhanced decisions. Using up-to-date credit data, alongside our affordability solutions, we provide an accurate and comprehensive picture to help you make better lending decisions for consumers.

Along with supporting affordability, our solutions help reduce fraud risk by quickly verifying applicants’ identity via a wide range of data points, so you know exactly who you’re dealing with. This means you can help to pinpoint fraudulent activity and, with checks such as anti-money-laundering checks, support approaches to compliance.

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