Reducing Pawnbroker Risk

Best practice in verifying a customer's identity

Meet the 'Gold Standard'

Knowing who you are dealing with and verifying each customer is essential if you are to avoid becoming a victim of money laundering or identity theft and paying out for stolen merchandise.

When buying, selling, or lending against deposited items, our online ID check CallValidate for Pawnbrokers offers far more protection than a basic paper based identity check. It allows you to capture and validate customer identities whilst simultaneously checking payment card or bank account details and linking them beyond doubt to their true owner. Combined with the widest range of robust fraud checks, CallValidate enables you to instantly know your customer is genuine. And it's simple and easy to use too!

With only a name, address, date of birth and, where possible, details of their credit card or bank, CallValidate assesses the potential for fraud. It therefore greatly reduces the possibility of being duped by an assumed identity, and of suffering chargebacks as a result of accepting fraudulent card payments. It also provides the additional benefit of improving the 'customer experience' as they no longer need to provide physical proof of identity.

A Thorough Range of Fraud and Identity Checks

CallValidate offers an unrivalled blend of identity verification and fraud checks to help you validate genuine customers whilst detecting and preventing fraud.

CallValidate has been designed to help verify the identity of customers in line with the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) guidance. It checks against the full electoral roll and a range of qualified data sets, including personal bank account performance data shared between UK banks, building societies and other lenders.

All information is then checked against the 'live banking network' to confirm that the bank card and bank details are correct and that they match those of your customer, providing a pass or fail in less than two seconds! What's more, if an identity cannot be linked to a card or bank account, or is registered to another person or address, CallValidate will alert the user to potential ownership fraud.

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