Helping you to navigate the fraud landscape

Instantly check the accuracy of your customer's identity and payment details, detect inconsistencies and protect yourself against fraud - all in one secure, reliable online environment

Card and bank account authentication that helps you to truly know your customer

Our card verification solution provides confirmation that the debit or credit card presented is valid and linked to the individual presenting it. As well as confirming that the card is live, our unique matching will also link the card back to the individual owner providing different match levels against the individual and card issuer portfolio.

Our Bank Account Validation uses real-time checks against the Banking network and provides confirmation that a bank account and sort code are valid and are connected to the name and address of the individual presenting the account details. Uniquely, our checks can also highlight where a bank account is unconsented.

Our unique Ownership Fraud Alert will help you identify those cards and bank accounts which are owned by a completely different individual.

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