Increase your customer acceptance rates with seamless customer verification

We validate identity by checking that the name and address exist within our unrivalled databases of quality, robust data sources. We enhance the confidence of the identity by adding valuable information such as the number of times it has appeared and detailed information about the data source it has been matched against.

We have a vast range of verification checks to help you prove a person owns an identity. You have complete control of how strong a verification check you want to deploy, from validating license details, linking card or bank account to name and address or deploying questions (knowledge based authentication), all of which put you in complete control of the customer experience.

Our card solutions uniquely verifies that card details are valid, correct and linked to the name and address supplied. If the card cannot be linked to the presented name and address, we return the details of the true owner of the card. We connect to the live payment network and instantly verify if a card is active, blocked, lost or stolen.

Increase acceptance rates and speed up the application process by enabling your customers to share their online banking transaction data.

MOGObankconnect provides your customers with a facility to simply, securely and quickly package up their online banking transactional data and transmit them directly to you. This provides a uniquely fast way to verify and transmit financial data and bank statements, whilst at the same time helping to dramatically streamline lending decisions.

Eliminate the delays caused by sourcing documentation

We’re providing a new and innovative method of digitally interacting with customers. The software uses a single use app based sealed smart browser that automatically navigates and streams online banking data from the safety of a consumers’ personal device.

  • Customers do not need to disclose any online log ins
  • Their credentials are never handled by any third party server or seen by anyone other than the consumer and their online bank provider
  • Data is passed directly to you in a categorised, secure PDF file which cannot be tampered with

Fully configurable knowledge based authentication checks

Verify the identity of your customers with the controlled use of challenge and response questions. Our solution is flexible and can be implemented whether you are within a dealership environment or interacting with customers online.

We give you full control of:

  • Type of question
  • Quantity of questions
  • Strength of questions 
  • Priority orders 
  • When to deploy them  
  • Pass criteria

Use our verification checks as part of your integrated e-signature solution

We partner with e-signature providers and integrate our data into their solution. If you already have an e-signature provider in place then talk to us about getting TransUnion checks built in.

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