Give your debtors the high-speed chase

Locate your customers in just one click

Our revolutionary online tracing tool helps trace specialists search individuals quickly and easily.

Using a user-friendly search engine style interface , you can search for an individual using whatever information you  know via a single search entry box.

We then search our extensive trace universe for a best fit through the use of knowledge graphs and other big data technology. This technology instantly returns results which are ranked and ordered according to the similarities with the information entered by the trace agent, reducing the time spent on a manual trace.

Callcredit's Retriever brings a new level of innovation to the Trace industry. Rather than starting an investigation from scratch, Retriever permits Trace Specialists an immediate insight into key indicators regarding a customer’s whereabouts and furthermore, supplies them with data in order to attain that direct contact they are seeking. Whilst containing vast amounts of contact and credit bureau data, the real USP for Retriever is the user interface which is incredibly simple yet extremely effective. As a Trace Manager, the quick search method has produced an immediate increase in the productivity level of the Trace department and removed the need to reference several other online systems. During the term of the trial, ‘Callcredit’ have been very supportive and have continued to drive improvements from our user feedback and are continuously enhancing Retriever to make it the optimum Trace tool – I am confident they will deliver this.

Adam Duncalf - Trace Manager - Vanquis Bank

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