Put TransUnion in the driving seat

We provide market leading affordability and verification solutions for the motor finance industry

As the market changes it is essential that your business is compliant and meeting industry regulations. At TransUnion we work to help you make smarter decisions and responsible lending is at the heart of our offering.

Here’s why you should put us in the driving seat of your business:  

  • Our SHARE database includes financial records from  all major UK banks and building societies as well as utilities and telecoms providers, retail, insurance and motor finance

  • Our income verification capability is second to none

  • We are the only CRA to have over 9 years of affordability experience and extensive market coverage including 6 years’ history of lenders verified application income and current account turnover data

  • We have more credit performance data on 18-24 year olds than any other bureau  due to having  greater coverage of Alternative Lending data than our competitors

  • Multi-bureau experts DecisionMetrics are part of the TransUnion Information Group. This in-house expertise means that we understand the benefits of switching to multi-bureau better than any other CRA and can help you to boost your acceptance rates

  • We are able to display Short Term Loans independently from other financial records. We were the first Credit Reference Agency to have a specific ‘Short Term Loan’ product category

  • We have PEPs and Sanctions matching - Our PEPs and Sanctions matching has been developed in line with JMLSG guidelines to help meet regulatory requirements

  • We can provide decision engines to help you fully automate the customer application process

  • We get things done! Our speed of service and fast  turnaround times ensure that you are always on a green light

  • We will not interrupt your customer journey. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that all of our checks are carried out in less than two seconds giving you market leading response times and a seamless customer journey

  • We make integration easy

  • We provide genuinely flexible and configurable solutions

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