Protect your businesses bottom line

Our configurable, flexible fraud solutions help you to detect and prevent 1st and 3rd party fraud without impacting the customer journey.

We have a range of fraud checks that can be switched on or off and configured to your business needs. We let you decide what checks you would like in place and then work with you to ensure you maintain a seamless experience for customers and sales agents whilst operating them in the background through a single API.

Know your customer

We simultaneously validate customer ID whilst conducting a real-time check against card issuer details. By linking identity to bank and payment details you can accept or decline customers with confidence. In the event that a card or bank account is owned by a different person, our unique Ownership Fraud Alert will give you the details of the actual card or bank account holder enabling you to make a more informed decision.

Reject customer applications that have no intent to pay

By conducting a credit risk check at the point of application we are able to flag high risk customers within seconds, allowing you to make fast, on the spot decisions with no additional forms or waiting time added on to your normal processes.

Be aware of the fraud risk involved in delivering handsets to UK addresses

We allocate a fraud score to every UK postcode. By flagging high or low risk postcodes to you upon application you are then able to make more informed decisions about customer on-boarding and delivery addresses.

Be alerted if the same details have been recently used with other networks

Our Real Time Fraud Alerts highlight patterns in provided name, address, date of birth and payment details across the sector. At point of application you will be automatically notified if any of the same details have been used to obtain handsets from other providers within a specified period of time. We ensure that you have as much up-to-the minute information as possible in order to make the best possible decisions.

All of our fraud checks are designed to involved minimal interaction with the customer, ensuring you maintain a slick and seamless process. Our expert consultancy team will work with you to identify fraud patterns within your business and recommend checks that will help to protect your bottom line.

Prevent ID theft, account takeover and payment fraud 

When a new customer with no previous history with you attempts to make a purchase on your site we can check the device being used for any risk indicators. Our solution can check for any ‘obstacles’ the individual has put in place in an attempt to escape detection and conceal the details of the device being used.

  • Is there a proxy on the device?
  • Is JavaScript disabled?
  • Is there a block in place to conceal the identification of the device?

By checking for any proxies the real IP address can be identified along with the actual location of the device and the time zone and language settings. Protection for every internet-enabled device. whether your customers arrive via PC, tablet, smart TV or mobile.

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