Getting the best connections

Analysis of telecom mobile data

Using intelligent demographic data we can not only tell you the size of your target prospect pool, we can also tell you where they live, who they live with, what buying preferences they have. By working with you to analyse this data we can help you to design and execute targeted campaigns.

Get to know your best customers

We will help you to understand your customer portfolio. By providing you with insight into different groups of customers within your file we can help you to reveal answers to game-changing questions such as:

  • Which customers have a high propensity to complain and have a high cost to serve?
  • What profiles are more likely to take broadband and a phone contract?
  • What is the difference between customers on Pay as you Go and Pay Monthly?
  • Which customers are likely to switch provider at the end of the minimum term?

Make the right offers to the right people

We can tell you who is likely to be accepted by the credit check, ensuring you only target prospects who are suitable for your offering. We can also tell you who is likely to respond to certain campaigns and channels of communication and make sure that you put your spend where it counts.

Use your existing customers to unlock the door to many more

By profiling your existing customers and their household compositions we can provide you with insight into spouse, partner and family members that may be open to similar contract offers or even family bundles. 

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