Build strong customer relationships

We understand that a long, healthy relationship is the goal you seek with every new customer – at the heart of this is the ability to truly understand each individual and make your product and service relevant to them. This is where we can help.

We are experts in consumer insight and can help you to understand all aspects of your customer’s lifestyle.

We can help you to answer questions like:

  • How can I drive value based investment offers appropriate to each customer? 
  • Which customers are active with other providers?
  • Which customers can afford upgrades and add-ons?
  • What offer would make a customer stay for a further 12 months?
  • Which customers are likely to switch providers at the end of their contract?
  • Which customers are in financial difficulty and could use some help?

We can also provide daily alerts on these and many more triggers so that you can contact your customers with the right message at the right time and manage credit limits appropriately.

Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by understanding your customer’s household

By taking the next step and looking beyond your customer and into their household we can help you to identify cross-sell opportunities for your products. We can tell you how many other people live with your customer and what age those people are. We can also tell you whether any of those people have a contract with a competitor network. This insight enables you to offer dual contracts or family bundles to the right people.

Are your customers on the move?

Our homemove alerts can notify you when a customers address goes on the property market. Not only does this dataset alert you to the risk of churn it also provides an opportunity for prospecting. Whether you use it within your customer retention or acquisition strategy, if you send them an offer they simply can't refuse at the time when they are planning to switch, every trigger we provide could help you retain or recruit a valuable customer.

Get to know your PAYG customers

We can reveal the identity behind those ‘invisible’ PAYG customers. By simply providing us with a file of mobile numbers we can append customer details, enabling you to understand them better.

Manage vulnerable customers

Using financial performance data we can highlight those individuals who may be in financial difficulty and those who are at high risk of defaulting on their contract if it no longer affordable for them. Getting this information to you early could be the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

Looking to the future

It’s expensive to recruit new customers, so once you have them on board you want them to stay around. We can help you to work out a customer’s propensity to stay with you. By working out a customer’s likelihood to switch at end of term you can deploy pre-emptive retention strategies where they are really needed.
We can also predict which of your customers are likely to leave or complain as a result of a price increase, enabling you to foresee any issues before you make a move.

Manage multiple customer relationships

We can also help you identify multiple customer relationships across mobile and fixed portfolios, identify cross sell and up sell prospects and manage the overall risk exposure accordingly.

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