Begin profitable relationships

When embarking on a new customer relationship it is important that you take into account all aspects of the customers’ lifestyle to ensure that you provide a product and service that works for both of you.

Using credit assessment and financial performance data we can provide you with an unrivalled level of customer insight to help you make fast, responsible and smart investment decisions. 

Our income and affordability datasets along with predictive models and scorecards can help you to make precise value and risk based decisions.  We can also help you identify multiple customer relationships across mobile and fixed portfolios and manage the overall risk exposure accordingly. 

Our experience in working with the online lending market means that we have more credit performance data on 18-24 year olds than any other bureau. This age group typically have very thin or non-existent credit files, leaving you with very little information to base credit decisions on. We are the only bureau that can fill the gaps for you.

Device Finance

Are you looking into the possibility of splitting the airtime and device subsidy into separate agreements? We are experts in credit risk and affordability assessments and FCA compliance. We can help you to implement a seamless process that makes fast, automated and compliant decisions.

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