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More coverage

Covering over 35 countries, no other consumer classification has as wide an international coverage as CAMEO. Each country has a specific segmentation and a universal international CAMEO code, helping you to link your classification strategy across borders allowing your agency to take a truly global approach to consumer segmentation.

More insightful collateral & heightened usability

Take a look at the CAMEO microsite and you’ll see the data come to life. Bursting with personality, you’ll find highly interactive and engaging insights into each CAMEO UK type using detailed sector specific descriptors and engaging visualisations. Not only that, but CAMEO UK is appended to the UK’s top market research panels including TGI, giving you constantly updated insights into consumer brand preferences, behaviour, attitudes and lifestyles.

More accuracy

We’re particularly nerdy about the way we help you gain greater insight, building CAMEO UK on TransUnion’s solid UK census base and other open data and third party proprietary sources:

  • more accurate and recent data than any other consumer universe
  • vast breadth of consumer insights across 10 vertical sectors
  • multi-channel behavioural data

More multi-dimensional

In the agency world, you know that products, markets and customers just don’t fit neatly into boxes. They’re diverse – so no single segmentation will suit all types of consumers. That’s why uniquely, CAMEO UK can be viewed through a series of different lenses, giving you a more powerful and adaptable solution for today’s ever-changing society. And with that, you have a supercharged data tool to take to your clients – and your agency, to a whole new level of marketing success. So whether it’s age, affluence, lifestyle, digital usage or risk driving your customer’s purchasing behaviour, all which may vary by product, CAMEO UK will provide exceptional discrimination – and for you, exceptional results.

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