What's CAMEO UK?

CAMEO UK is the next generation of data, classifying over 1.5 million UK postcodes into 68 distinct categories.

CAMEO UK means you don’t just have to tell your clients about their customers live, you can use the insight obtained from CAMEO UK to show them their customers, their habits, their potential to buy and, overlaid with consumer survey data, even their opinions, attitudes, likes and dislikes.

So now, with greater insight and more meaningful and relatable data you can get your geek on and ensure your agency can:

  • strengthen your relationships with current clients
  • win more pitches, attract more new clients
  • get the right message to the right people in your creative
  • add more value to clients and generate more repeat business
  • grow your agency and plan for the future with confidence

It’s segmentation, but not as you’ve known it

As an agency, you may already be carrying out segmentation on behalf of your clients. But with CAMEO UK, the practice of dividing consumers into groups that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as affluence, lifestage, interests and spending habits is taken to a whole new standard – giving you data with more traction, more insight and, quite simply, more personality. Take a look at CAMEO UK in action and see for yourself how your agency can target your clients’ customers much more effectively, and allocate marketing resources to the very best effect.

A whole range of customer segmentation and insight tools

CAMEO UK is part of TransUnion's family of segmentations - a comprehensive suite of consumer classification systems. They help marketers and agencies carry out detailed customer analysis and customer segmentation helping you to group your customers and markets into segments of like-minded consumers. So, whether your clients are managing customer relationships, searching for prospects or conducting market analysis to support key investment or divestment opportunities, TransUnion's segmentation tools can help your agency grow and prosper.

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