Are your customers who they say they are?

Know Your Customer

Any retailer taking online payments needs a level of certainty that the card details being used are those of the person making the purchase. This is not just about responsible retailing; by Knowing Your Customer (KYC) you are protecting your bottom line from expensive chargebacks and speeding up the approval process for genuine transactions.

Identify genuine customers first time

CallValidate is unique in the market place as the only industry standard ID check that validates a customer's identity whilst simultaneously conducting a real-time check against credit and debit card issuer details. This reduces the need for manual processing, as you can be confident in the data behind your processes.

Putting you in control

We listen to your requirements and only provide the checks that add value to your business - allowing you to strike the perfect balance between security and sales, based on your appetite for risk.

CALLVALIDATE: The only solution to simultaneously validate customer ID whilst conducting a real-time check against card issuer details

To request more information about our identity verification solutions for mail order and home shopping please contact us to specify your requirements.

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