Customer Insight & Analysis

With increasing consumer choice and new ways to browse and buy, online retailers need to work harder than ever to keep their customers coming back for more.

Get a single view across all marketing channels

To drive new marketing efficiencies, we can help you build a single view of all your customers across all channels. So if you've got online and offline customer databases we can help you match the two together. This even works if you have multiple sub-brands with separate marketing strategies - by bringing all data and transactions together in one place you can clearly see who's buying what from where, and how best to re-market to them.

Everything you need to know about your customers

We already work with some of the UK's biggest brands, helping them unlock the valuable insights hidden in their customer data. As well as filling in the "data gaps" on your customer records, we can build customer segmentation models for retargeting and highly personalised comms planning.

As well as understanding geodemographics, purchasing power, attitudes and behaviours, we can also tell you when someone's approaching an important life event. For example, by knowing someone's about to move home you can be at the front of the pack when offering related products to match their needs.

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