Credit Referencing

Greater demand requires faster processing

As consumers find it harder to access affordable credit through their usual bank or credit card provider, more and more shoppers are applying for credit accounts at the point of purchase. Our online credit checking system, CallReport, lets you process higher volumes of credit applications without compromising service levels.

By screening out bad payers before you offer them credit, you can greatly reduce the size of your future debt book, therefore reducing the amount lost when selling debt onto a collections agency.

Instant results for instant decisions

To make things simple, CallReport gives you an easy to understand credit risk score, allowing you to make an informed decision in seconds. And with it being delivered online, CallReport is available round the clock whenever you need it.

See the bigger picture

If you could see your customers' payment performance with other mail order companies, would this affect your marketing or credit decisions? Some of the UK's biggest mail order brands are already contributing data to "SHARE" - our closed user group of UK lenders that pool account performance data to promote responsible lending. The benefits of SHARE membership include access to SHAREReport, giving you additional credit information including mail order account performance. Get in touch to discuss membership.

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