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TransUnion’s CallValidate solution includes a wide range of data sources which can be accessed by Royal London. A range of checks can be performed from basic identity verification to AML checks to meet customer due diligence requirements.

Basic ID

ID Verification that confirms a basic match of the name and address across TransUnion data sources.

Enhanced ID

ID Verification from wide range of robust data sources including the Edited Electoral Roll, SHARE data and Public data (CCJs, Bankruptcies).


Full AML ID Verification using wide range of robust data sources including the full Electoral Roll.


A set of challenge and response questions presented to the individual.

With CallValidate, our suite of award winning identity verification and fraud solutions can help reduce operational costs and improve the customer journey. We deliver value to our customers; in a single instant search, CallValidate returns over 70 different configurable fraud warnings including our latest suite of fraud checks: Ownership Fraud Alert. CallValidate provides different configurability options to allow Royal London to perform Anti-Money Laundering checks which meet internal policy requirements and ensure compliance with JMLSG guidance.

Benefits of TransUnion data:

  • Increased ability to identify financial crime and fraudulent applications
  • Warnings are returned to meet Pep’s and sanction requirements
  • The decision can be configured in line with a client's own AML policy
  • Remove the requirement for paper proofs of identity, thereby speeding up the application process
  • A results vault can be created to store all search data for auditing purposes 

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