Preventing fraud

Protecting your business

Take control and reduce fraud with the CallValidate solution tool, that can not only be used at point of quote but also at point-of-pay out to verify the identity and bank accounts of the existing customer. CallValidate allows you to capture a customer’s identity with a combined range of robust fraud and verification checks. We are trusted to reduce fraud with our unrivalled suite and flexible approach that is designed to help you take control of your customer’s journey and prevent fraud.

Our intricate, fraud prevention solutions can help to ascertain vital information regarding a potential or existing customer:

 Identity Module

  • Identity verification
  • AML verification
  • CallValidate 3D

 Bank Module

  • Bank Standard. 
  • Bank Enhanced
  • Bank Account Plus. Allows you to determine the bank account is a non-consented account.

 Card Module

  • Card Standard
  • Card Enhanced
  • Card Live

 Fraud Module

  • Deceased Check
  • DOB Mismatch
  • Address Links and Non Standard Checks
  • PEP/Sanctions/SDN
  • Invalid Bank Details
  • Overseas Card Warning
  • GeoFraud Scorecard
  • Ownership Fraud Alerts

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