Customer management

Connect with your customers

Our unique product CallTrace enables access to accurate data regarding your existing customers. CallTrace presents up-to-date information that can be selected according to the data you require, and further reduce the costs of Asset Reunification by accessing a broad range of financial and public record data.

Intouch delivers enquirer and transactional data from the UK’s top Financial Services, Insurers and Mail Order companies. It also provides a cost-effective way of gaining contact with your customers through consented multi-channel communication data such as:

  • Occupation
  • Email address
  • Date last active at an address
  • Landlines
  • Mobiles
  • Employment status

Information you can rely on

TransUnion take pride in providing validated data that is refreshed on a monthly basis to ensure existing information is updated. We contact customers through the most responsive communication channels, determined by the individual themselves.

Pension Maturity

From April 2015, all restrictions on access to your pension pot will be removed. Using up to date individual data it should be possible to predict when and how a customer will access their pension. Having a view of the individual prior to maturity will allow pension companies tailor marketing/annuities to the individual.

 Providing a view of:

  • Age of Access
  • Type of Access (Taken as cash/Lump sum and Annuity/Annuity Only)
  • Annuity taken with pension fund provider or external company

To find out more on customer management within the Life and Pensions, please contact us to specify your requirements and one of our experts will get back to you shortly.

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