Instant Customer ID Verification

When providing short term loans it's crucial to know who you are dealing with. We understand the need to verify your customer's identity instantly and seamlessly without increasing exposure to fraud, so that you can safely accept more customers.

We are working with many of our clients to help them get the most from their fraud prevention tools and optimise their identity verification strategies. This involves reviewing and refining the complex interactions between large ranges of different rules.

The aim is to reduce fraud losses, reduce false positives and improve pass rates and customer experience for legitimate applicants.

Instantly verifying customers and detecting fraud with confidence

Through instant automated customer verification, we can help you to:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency - Maximise straight-through instant processing of applicants
  • Detect and Prevent Fraud - Pinpoint more fraudulent customer applications
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements - Helps you meet UK Anti Money Laundering regulations to reduce risk of non-compliance and ensure you know exactly who you are dealing with

We're delighted with the support that Callcredit has given us in helping us achieve our aim of becoming an established and growing operator in the short-term lending sector. A key consideration for us was finding a solution that could ensure our strict responsible lending policies were adhered to, in order to reduce the risk of bad debt, and with the SHAREReport and CallValidate products, Callcredit more than delivered. We were also impressed with how approachable, friendly and professional the team was.

Roger Lingard, director of 321 Cash

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