Validate income and assess credit risk and affordability at the point of application

We provide a market-leading service to verify your Short Term or Instalment loan applicant's income is as stated at the point of application, alongside our credit and verification checks.

We utilise our vastly superior coverage of credit turnover values (supplemented with application salaries) to provide an Affordability Report to complement your credit risk analysis processes. The highlight feature is a traffic light system for evaluating income. As well as providing assurance that your applicant can repay the loan it also helps to streamline your application process by reducing the need for manual employment and income validation checks.

The Affordability Report service helps demonstrate a commitment to delivering best practice responsible lending by ensuring that applicants are able to afford the loans they are taking out.

As it's available as a stand-alone product our income and affordability checks can be used when evaluating risk for Short Term and Instalment lenders, independently from our other services as part of an intelligent and dynamic approach to validating new leads. For example, the applicant's affordability could be checked as part of the initial decision as to whether to buy a lead in scenarios where this leads to a more cost effective and efficient approach.

During the last year Cash On Go Ltd and Callcredit have been able to build a strong and constructive relationship. As we had already been using Callcredit's credit assessment and ID verification and fraud prevention solutions we knew that Callcredit had a range of innovative and dynamic products, so it was a simple choice to incorporate their Affordability Report into our new lending assessment process. It seems as if we are both working for the same goals together. The people of Callcredit are great to work with and a few have become good friends on the way.

Kristjan Novitsi, CEO, Peachy

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