TransUnion has far greater coverage of short term lending data than our competitors

We were the first Credit Reference Agency (CRA) to have a specific 'Short Term Loan' product category, which enables us to display Short Term lending records independently from other financial records. Furthermore, we also have more records from  lenders who are diversifying by launching other products, such as term loans, lines of credit and guarantor lending.

As well as our Short Term Lending data we have public credit records and banking and credit account performance records, plus data from telecoms, retail finance, home shopping and home credit companies that often proves highly predictive in assessing short term lending applications.

TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) have more sub-prime data than the other UK CRAs, but we also have huge quantities of positive data concerning up-to-date financial records, which are also really crucial in determining the risk associated with your applicants. This combination of Short Term Lending data and more traditional lending performance information is crucial in enabling us to provide the most predictive data and insight available for assessing new lending requests.

We are extremely happy with the service Callcredit provides. They provide by far the most predictive data for risk assessment in the Short Term Lending sector. Needless to say, that is an important reason why we have extended our contract with them. Furthermore, since we've been working with them they have been a constant source of help and support whenever needed.

Adam Freeman, Founder and CEO, Mr Lender

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