A complete package of services for Short Term Lenders

We are the primary credit reference agency for the top 12 online lenders (and 23 out of the top 25) and have over 120 clients in the short term and alternative lending sector.

As the longest serving data provider in the UK Short Term Lending sector we can provide lenders with an unrivalled level of experience and expertise.

We recognise that lenders face massive challenges on default rates, fraud, acceptance rates, regulation and cost per acquisition and we've developed our Short Term and Instalment lending services accordingly.

Our proposition is centred on credit data and verification products at the acquisition stage of the customer lifecycle, but also includes portfolio customer management and collections services.

TransUnion have a clear understanding of the unique challenges faced by lenders. Our proposition combines robust, high-quality, relevant data with an agile, dynamic approach to the challenges faced by lenders and the ability to deliver constant innovation.

We appreciate the need for a flexible approach, especially given the complexities involved in assessing the viability of new leads, and have a range of services for Short Term and Instalment lending which can be slotted in at various stages throughout the application process.

Why choose TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) for Short Term and Instalment lending services?

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